Wed., Nov. 7: The Jena 6 Are Back in Court

Wed., Nov. 7: The Jena 6 Are Back in Court
Drop All the Charges! Free the Jena 6!

Jena6 are free
A sign from Sept. 20 reading:
"Until the 6 Are Free, Neither Are We"
Click for a short eyewitness video from Sept. 20

Last week, the racist judge that originally presided over Mychal Bell's conviction sent him back to jail for 18 months for "violating probabation" from an earlier conviction. The precise violation was his arrest in the Jena 6 incident. While the racist thugs who started this cycle of events continue to walk free, the Jena 6 are still facing long prison sentences.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, the growing movement to free the Jena 6 will face an important challenge. On that day, four of the Six -- Theodore Shaw, Robert Bailey, Bryan Purvis, and Mychal Bell -- are expected in court for pre-trial hearings. The ANSWER Coalition is calling on all progressive and anti-racist forces to come together for rallies in front of local courthouses across the country with the demand to free the Jena 6, and drop all the charges. Demonstrations are already confirmed in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, New Haven (CT), Boston, Sioux Falls (SD), Reno and Ft. Lauderdale.

The case of the Jena 6 has garnered international attention, and shone a spotlight on the racist nature of this country's criminal "injustice" system. Without activists taking action across the country, however, it is certain that their case -- like so many others -- would never have received the attention that it has. Mychal Bell's original conviction never would have been overturned; instead he would have become just another statistic.

On Sept. 20, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Jena, Louisiana and in other cities around the country to demand the complete freedom of the Jena 6, and the release of Mychal Bell. A week later, after 10 months in prison, he was granted bail and released. But shortly afterwards, the Louisiana judge that originally convicted Bell struck back, ordering him back into custody.

The spirit and determination of Sept. 20 protest in Jena has to be replicated over and over across the country on November 7th. The movement is locked in a tug-of-war with the racist Louisiana justice system. Now we have to dig in our heels and until all charges against the Six are dropped, we have to keep on pulling! All out for November 7th to Free the Jena 6!

Below is a listing of cities that are organizing rallies on November 7th. To be listed as an endorser of this national call, click on this link. To let us know about a Nov. 7 action that you are organizing, email us at [email protected].

Washington DC
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:00 pm
Justice Department: 9th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Contact: 202-544-3389 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)

Boston, MA
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:30 pm
Roxbury Crossing T-Station (Orange Line)
Contact: 857-334-5084 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)

Chicago, IL
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:00-7:00 pm
Federal Plaza (Adams and Dearborn)
Contact: 773-463-0311 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)
Local website

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Wed., Nov. 7, 9:30 am
Sistrunk Blvd and 7th Ave.
Contact: 954-707-0155 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)
Local website

Los Angeles, CA
Wed., Nov. 7, 6:00 pm
Leimert Park: Crenshaw and 43rd
Contact: 213-251-1025 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)
Local website

New Haven, CT
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:00 pm
Federal Courthouse: 141 Church St
Contact: 203-606-0319 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)

New York City (in the Bronx), NY
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:00 pm
Bronx Courthouse: 161 St. and Grand Concourse
Contact: 212-694-8720 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)

Reno, NV
Wed., Nov, 7, 5:30 pm
Bruce Thompson Federal Building: Sierra & S. Virginia
Contact: 775-636-4003 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)
Local website

San Francisco, CA
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:00 pm
Federal Courthouse: 7th and Mission
Contact: 415-821-6545 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)
Local website

Seattle, WA
Wed., Nov. 7, 5:00 pm
Westlake Park: 4th and Pine
Contact: 206-568-1661 or [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)
Local website

Sioux Falls, SD
Wed., Nov, 7, 12:00 Noon
Sioux Falls Court House
Contact: [email protected]
Download flyer (PDF)

California, PA
California University of Pennsylvania
Walkout at 12 noon, silent protest
250 University Ave.
Contact: [email protected]

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