Protests across the country on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion

Protests across the country on
the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion

Oct27 LA
The front banner of the Oct. 27 march in LA.
The ANSWER Coalition in Los Angeles has initiated a broad coalition to organize a mass demonstration in LA on March 15. Transportation centers throughout southern California are mobilizing to bring people to the action. Student and youth contingents are active in colleges and high schools are organizing for the demonstration

The March 15 mass march in Los Angeles is just one of thousands of actions that will be taking place around the world on the fifth anniversary of the start of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. One million Iraqis have perished; tens of thousands of US troops have been badly wounded or killed. 

Please make a donation today to help us cover the costs of the mass action in Los Angeles and for the other demonstrations being organized throughout the country. To make an urgently needed contribution click this link.

In San Francisco, ANSWER has initiated a mass demonstration on the evening of March 19 (the actual day that the invasion began) following militant direct actions that will take place throughout the earlier part of the in the Bay Area. A wide number of groups are planning and mobilizing for those actions.

In Florida, ANSWER is organizing and mobilizing for demonstrations throughout the state during the same days. In Chicago, Seattle, and other cities, ANSWER organizers are working to bring people into the streets.

In Washington DC, the earlier announced mass march for March 15 that was called by the Year5 Coalition has been canceled. ANSWER was enthusiastically supporting the Year5 Coalition call for the March 15 demonstration. The Coalition included 17 organizations. We believed that a truly massive outpouring of the people on March 15 was important. The majority of the people in this country have turned against the war. A mass march on a weekend would provide a venue so that hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have never joined a protest before, could make their voice be heard. We felt that bringing new people into the movement through the vehicle of a mass march on the fifth anniversary in Washington DC was needed, given the fact that millions of new people are now ready to take action. That opinion did not prevail however. For a fuller explanation, click this link.

In Washington DC there will be a number of anti-war activities scheduled to take place between March 12-19. These will include civil disobedience actions and IVAW’s Winter Soldier Hearings. 

To see a list of the various actions taking place throughout the United States click this link.

The ANSWER Coalition has been mobilizing since before the invasion. We understand that this war, although initiated by Bush, belongs to both the Republicans and Democrats. All of the current presidential candidates for both of the corporate-led parties have voted to give Bush the funds to continue the war and occupation. In fact, it is the decision makers from the Pentagon brass that will stand over whoever occupies the White House next. They are intending to remain in Iraq for decades. Bush announced last week that he was suspending more troop pullouts and there was hardly a peep from the politicians. None want to defy the Generals and Admirals in a political system where militarism and military control has assumed a dominant position. Lockheed, Halliburton, General Electric, and the other corporations are the real core constituency of the politicians.

The Iraq war is a crime and also a symptom of the deeper problem. As we organize for change, we need to appreciate the problem in order to come up with a real solution. The people are channeled into voting for civilian politicians who, once in office, will only be the next spokespersons for the U.S. Empire and for the Military-Industrial Complex that functions as the backbone of our contemporary social order. No matter what they promise now to get elected, they will represent the pillars of established power once in office.

This is no solution. ANSWER is helping to build a massive movement of the people for social change, including the immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Iraq. The power for change is in the people not the politicians who are wedded to the system of Empire and corporate dominance.

We ask you to join us in Los Angeles on March 15 or in any of the actions that are taking place in your area during that week.

Please make a donation to help us cover the enormous costs with organizing anti-war actions throughout the country. We can build this movement but not without your help. You can make a tax-deductible donation online, or see where to send a check, by clicking this link

Be sure to send us the information about the 5th anniversary demonstration in your area so we can post the details on ANSWER Coalition web site calendar. Write to [email protected].

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