Calendar of Upcoming Antiwar Activities

Calendar of Upcoming Anti-war Events
Aug. 16 in Los Angeles: Demand immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq!
Protest at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

The ANSWER Coalition will be in the streets on Saturday August 16 in Los Angeles to demand an immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces from Irag and Afghanistan and end to all threats and sanctions against Iran.

The Aug. 16 demonstration will coincide with a presidential forum at Saddleback Church in Orange County. Both McCain and Obama will be speaking there.

After Los Angeles this Saturday, there will be important demonstrations at the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions.

The Democratic and Republican Parties have made it clear that they intend to maintain the occupation of Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and threaten a new war against Iran. Both Parties are completely committed to fund Israel’s on-going war against the Palestinian people. Both are committed to spending $600 billion each year so that the Pentagon can maintain 700 military bases in 130 countries. 

On this the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we are helping to build a nationwide movement to support working-class communities that are being devastated while the country’s resources are devoted to war and empire for for the sake of transnational banks and corporations.

Join us in Los Angeles on August 16, in Denver on Aug. 25-28 at the Democratic Convention, in St. Paul at the Republican Convention between Sept. 1 and Sept. 4.

From Iraq to New Orleans, Fund Peoples Needs Not the War Machine! 

Calendar of Events 

-- August 16 in Los Angeles: End the War Now! Click this link for information.
-- August 25-28 in Denver: Protest the Democratic National Convention
-- September 1-4 in St. Paul: Protest the Republican Convention

We cannot carry out these actions withour your help. Please take a moment right now to make an urgently needed donation by clicking this link

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