Wed. 10/22 Lyrical Revolt; Fri. 10/24 Film Showing: "Night of the Living Dead"

Lyrical Revolt: A night of Hip-Hop & spoken word
Join us for the open mic!
Wednesday, October 22, 7pm-10pm

Lyrical Revolt

La Pregunta Arts Cafe
1528 Amsterdam Avenue
(between 135th and 136th St.)

Join us Wednesday at the La Pregunta Arts Cafe for our ninth Lyrical Revolt in New York City. 

Over the last several years, the ANSWER Coalition's Lyrical Revolt has been an inspirational space for the city's progressive artists and activists.  Artists such as Rebel Diaz, Division X, Phase One, GoldenChild, Desiree, Barbara La Guerrera, Spiritchild, Hasan Salaam, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and many more have blessed the mic in past Lyrical Revolts.  Lyrical Revolt's success in New York City has motivated ANSWER chapters in San Francisco, Chicago, New Haven and Miami to hold their own local Lyrical Revolt. 

The event will also include an Open Mic -- all poets, MCs, and artists are encouraged to sign up in advance. If you are interested in participating in the open mic, please contact us at 212-694-8720 or via email.

Come enjoy the artists and get involved with the ANSWER Coalition. U.S. Out of Iraq Now! Stop Police Brutality! End the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Haiti and Puerto Rico!

"We need more than emcees, we need revolutionaries..."

ANSWER Film Showing: Night of the Living Dead
Friday, October 24, 7pm-9pm

2295 Adam Clayton Powell
(Near the Corner of 135th St.)
Take the 2/3 or B/C to 135th

$7 Donation 

While we typically show documentaries for our monthly films, we decided to switch it up for October.

Join us next Friday at the ANSWER Coalition office for a special Halloween film showing of "Night of the Living Dead." Although some criticized the gory horror film for its over-the-top sadism, the film was widely perceived as a critique of both the Vietnam War and racism in the United States. As one reviewer put it, "the zombie carnage seemed a grotesque echo of the conflict then raging in Vietnam."

When the movie came out in 1968, the country and the world were convulsed in social struggle -- if viewed from this perspective, the film provides a provocative look at the burning issues of the late 1960s.

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