Cuba Hit By Another Hurricane

Cuba Hit By Another Hurricane - End the Blockade!
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Cuba has suffered major damage from the third major hurricane, Paloma, in the past three months. It is estimated that the cost of the damage from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike totals more than $8 billion. More than 500,000 homes in a country of a little over 11 million people were destroyed or made uninhabitable by the earlier storms. The whole country was mobilized to overcome the destruction as quickly as possible. Then came Paloma. There is no damage estimate yet for the latest storm, but massive damage is reported along Cuba’s southern coast and in the central and eastern provinces.

PalomaNow is the time to take action to end the illegal, anti-human and immoral U.S. blockade, and normalize trade and other relations between the United States and Cuba. The blockade should lifted immediately and normal trade and travel relations restored, in order to help a neighboring country and people who have suffered an unprecedented series of natural disasters. Simply restoring normal trade between the two countries would greatly assist Cuba’s recovery.

We are asking you to join with tens of thousands of people in a mass campaign to End the Blockade of Cuba NOW! Click this link to send your letter to Congress and the White House.

Virtually the whole world is demanding an end to the blockade. Last month, in the United Nations General Assembly, the vote was 185-3 to call for an end to the U.S. embargo. Only Israel and Palau -- both highly dependent on U.S. funding --joined the Bush administration in voting no on the resolution.

After Gustav and Ike has struck their devastating blows, destroying enormous tracts of farmland, hospitals, schools and homes, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice outrageously stated. "Now is not the time" to end the blockade. 
But now is exactly the time to end this criminal blockade that uses food and medicine as a weapon against a people whose achievements in health care and education are legendary.

We call upon the outgoing Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration to take action now to end the blockade! Click this link to send your letter to Congress and the White House.

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