Plan for the "Let Gaza Live" National March on Washington

Saturday, January 10
"Let Gaza Live" National March on Washington

We will begin with a rally at 1:00 pm at the White House (Lafayette Park, north side).

Following the rally, we will march.

Our march has great symbolic importance that will bring a message to people in Washington and throughout the world. We will be focusing on the U.S. corporations—both military contractors and the media—who have been essential in Israel’s U.S.-backed war against the Palestinians or in justifying its actions.

Stops Along the March Route

At 12 and K St. we will stop at the Washington offices of Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is a central part of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex. It manufactures the F-16 fighter jets that are raining bombs on the people of Gaza. The Hellfire Missiles that have been wreaking havoc and suffering on the Palestinian people are Lockheed Martin-made. Lockheed Martin reaps billions of dollars in profits from the destructive nature of the Israeli military, and provides the materials that make the siege on Gaza possible.

Our second destination is on K Street between 14th St and Vermont Ave. This stop will be in front of the offices of the Caterpillar corporation. Each Israeli tank in the Gaza invasion was followed by a Caterpillar bulldozer to flatten thousands of homes. Caterpillar has long provided its bulldozers as a weapon against the Palestinian people as the tools that Israel uses to flatten Palestinian homes and destroy their agriculture. The refugee crisis in Palestine and Israel's aggressive expansion starts in the seat of a Caterpillar bulldozer, and Caterpillar sells them to Israel knowing they will be used to illegally destroy the lives of countless families.

Our third stop will be on 15th St. between K St and M St at the Washington Post building. The Washington Post's blatantly biased and misleading coverage of the crisis in Gaza aims to shape public opinion in support of the massacre. The Washington Post has refused to cover huge demonstrations against the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

We will then go back to the Bush White House and Obama's temporary residence at the Hay-Adams Hotel.

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