U.S. indictment links Luis Posada Carriles to the murder of Fabio di Celmo

U.S. indictment links Luis Posada Carriles 
to the murder of Fabio di Celmo

Press conference demands extradition

On April 8, the U.S. government indicted terrorist Luis Posada Carriles for lying about his role in the 1997 hotel bombings in Havana, which killed Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo. For the first time, the U.S. government has actually acknowledged that Posada is a terrorist.  
However, Posada's indictment for lying does not go far enough. He must be tried not only for his false statements, but for his acts of terrorism -- producing the bombs and hiring the mercenaries to plant them in the Havana hotels in 1997, and for his role in masterminding the Oct. 1976 mid-air bombing of Cubana Flight 455, killing 73 people. Washington has been stonewalling that extradition request since Posada entered the U.S. in March, 2005.  

In a press conference held on April 9, the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition announced a new letter-writing campaign directed to the Obama Administration and Congress, demanding Posada's extradition. A similar campaign in 2005 generated 75,000 letters and emails. Join the campaign by clicking here. 

Send your letter today, before Posada’s arraignment on Apr. 17, in El Paso, on the charges of perjury. Let Congress, President Obama, Attorney General Holder and Secretary of State Clinton know that the U.S. government must not continue to harbor the most notorious terrorist in the western hemisphere. 

That same day, at the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has stated he will publicly call for Posada’s extradition to Venezuela, to face trial for the murder of the 73 people in the Cubana plane bombing. 

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition also demands the immediate freedom of the Cuban Five, who were railroaded into United States prisons over 10 years ago, because of their work in defending Cuba from the U.S.-backed terrorists like Posada Carriles. 

To hear the Apr. 9 press conference and read about Posada’s indictment, click here.

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