End the Siege of Gaza! March on Washington, D.C., June 6

End the Siege of Gaza!
March on Washington, D.C.
Saturday, June 6

Gaza Solidarity Day on the 42nd Anniversary of Israel's seizure of Gaza

Saturday, June 6
Gather at 12:00 noon
at the Israeli Embassy
International Dr. & Van Ness St. NW
(1 blk from Connecticut Ave., red line metro to Van Ness-UDC)

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  woman outside tent in Gaza

Searching through the rubble

Saturday, June 6 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Israeli seizure of Gaza. Organizations and individuals in solidarity with the people of Palestine will be taking to the streets once again to demand: End the Siege of Gaza!

The world looked on in horror this past winter as Israel mercilessly starved and bombed the people of Gaza, killing around 1,400 Palestinians - at least one-third of whom were children. The Arab world now refers to the dark days from the end of December to mid-January "The Gaza Massacre." Although the mainstream media no longer focuses on Gaza, the suffering continues there nonetheless. Using the pretext of combating terrorism, Israel has refused to allow in even one truckload of cement into Gaza. In other words, the city that was reduced to rubble still lies in rubble today.All these months later, people are still living in tents and are scarcely able to secure the necessities of life.

People of conscience around the world continue to raise their voices in outrage at this crime against humanity, and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We will also stand for all Palestinian people's inalienable right to return to their homes from which they were evicted. Let your voice be heard. Join us Saturday, June 6, at 12 noon at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC (International Dr. and Van Ness St. NW).

Sponsoring organizations include ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), National Council of Arab Americans (NCA), Al-Awda - the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Alliance for a Just & Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Connecticut Students Against the War, People of Faith Connecticut, Nashville Peace Coalition, Action Center For Justice - North Carolina, Muslim Community Support Services - Massachusetts, Coloradans For Peace, New Black Panther Party, Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance, and more!

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Contact us at (202) 544-3389 or [email protected] to get involved!

The June 6 demonstration is a major undertaking and we can't do it without the support of the large number of people who are standing with Palestine. Please click this link right now to make a generous donation.


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