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Honduras Emergency Alert
Support the people of Honduras against the coup!
Demand the return of President Manuel Zelaya!

Child among those shot and killed by the military

Hondurans at airport supporting Zelaya's return, 07-05-09

On July 5, hundreds of soldiers blocked the runway at the International Airport of Honduras' capital using military vehicles, preventing the return of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. President Zelaya has stated he will attempt another return flight in the coming days.

More than 120,000 people had marched to the airport in Tegucigalpa to demand that the Honduran coup plotters allow Zelaya to land his plane and resume his presidency, and to fight against the repression of the people's movement.

The military fired live rounds against the unarmed protesters, killing at least three people, including one child. Hundreds more have been wounded.

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Zelaya was illegally ousted by the right-wing oligarchy in its attempt to stop a non-binding referendum for the people to give their opinion on whether they want constitutional changes for greater social and economic rights.

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If you know of upcoming demonstrations opposing the coup in Honduras that are being organized in your area, please email us the date, time, location and other details at [email protected].


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