Let Congress know you support the lifting of the travel ban on Cuba!

Let Congress know you support
the lifting of the travel ban on Cuba!

Express your support for H.R.874 and S.428 today
before the hearing on Thursday, Nov. 19
Cuban school children

Dear sisters and brothers,

Two important bills are making their way through Congress—H.R. 874 and S. 428—which would permit all Americans the right to travel to Cuba.

The House of Representatives will hold a hearing on Thursday, Nov. 19, titled “Is it Time to Lift the Ban on Travel to Cuba?”

Let Congress know your views today, before the hearing!! Tell them: Support the bills H.R. 874 and S. 428: “The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act.” Click here to send your letter to Congress.

A recent poll shows not only a majority of Americans, but most notably, a strong majority of Cuban Americans, support the right of everyone in the United States to be granted travel rights to visit Cuba. [Bendixen and Associates poll, Sept. 24-26, 2009]

Fifty-nine percent of Cuban Americans now favor travel rights for all Americans, a major shift from 46 percent of Cuban Americans who supported that right in 2002.

The travel restrictions are part of the larger economic blockade of Cuba. The blockade, which uses food and medicine as a weapon against the Cuban people, must be brought to an end as well.

The United Nations General Assembly voted 187 to 3 in Oct. 2009, to call for an immediate end to the U.S. blockade. This cruel and destructive policy has caused deliberate suffering of the Cuban people.

There are currently 159 cosponsors in the House, and 29 cosponsors in the Senate for the bills. More are needed. Whether your representative is a co-sponsor or not, be sure and send a letter!

Please take a moment right now to write members and Congress and tell them you support these important bills. We provided a suggested letter but feel free to modify it – it only takes a couple of minutes. Click here to send your letter to Congress.

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