10,000+ protest Trump’s election in San Francisco

10,000+ march in San Francisco, tens of thousands more across the country to protest Trump’s election


More than 10,000 people marched for hours through the streets of San Francisco in a militant and well-organized protest against the elevation of the racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. Due to the reactionary and anti-democratic Electoral College system, Trump will take office despite having lost the popular vote.

The San Francisco march was called by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) on less than 24 hours notice. ANSWER also initiated or helped organize mass protests in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Sacramento, Albuquerque and other cities. Thousands more marched in Oakland at the same time as the San Francisco demonstration.

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The San Francisco march was energized by its overwhelmingly young and diverse participants. It traveled from downtown to the Castro District where more than 3,000 people were rallying and joined the march before it made its way through the Mission District and then to City Hall.

On Nov. 9 and 10, thousands of high school students walked out in Berkeley, Concord, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities.

The struggle must continue in the coming days, weeks and months. To do that we need your participation and your financial support. The banners, flyers, placards and sound equipment all require funds -- please make a generous donation now!

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