We won't sit by ...

We won’t sit by ...
while the bankers and militarists plunder this country
and send our loved ones to fight in a war for empire!

Washington Post
“Marines brace for new push
in southern Afghanistan”

U.S. general predicts 300-500 killed and
wounded each month
in the coming months.
Even more Afghan casualties expected.

The outrage continues and gets worse.

When tens of thousands march in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles on March 20 – we are going to tie together the issue of endless war and skyrocketing unemployment and poverty.

If we don’t act, no one will.

Consider these scandalous facts:

  • Today, the Pentagon announced that tens of thousands of Marines are invading the southern provinces of Afghanistan in the next few days. General Barry McCaffrey predicts 300-500 killed and wounded each month in the next few months. The generals never bother talking about the loss of Afghan lives.
  • Yesterday, Secretary of Defense Gates submitted the largest military budget in U.S. history. The $708 billion includes nearly $500 million each day for Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Hours later, the bankrupt insurance giant AIG announced that it was doling out $100 million more in bonuses. AIG exists because it received $180 billion in taxpayers’ bailout. The federal government received an 80 percent share in AIG, which means Obama’s Treasury Secretary Geithner agreed to these bonuses. AIG will give millions more bonuses in March.
  • More than 25 million people are unemployed or seriously underemployed while the bankers, war contractors and other corporate crooks make record profits and record bonuses.
  • Personal bankruptcies rose 32 percent in the past year as families lost their jobs, medical benefits and their homes.

Take to streets. Tell every family and friend, co-worker and fellow student that it's time to get on the bus. It’s time for the people to speak out. It’s time to raise hell!

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