March 20: Stand with the Palestinian People!

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March 20:
Stand with the Palestinian People!

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Gaza city Palestine protest - Israeli 'heritage site', 03-16-10
East Jerusalem clashes over Israeli 'heritage sites', 03-16-10

Speakers at the March 20 anti-war demonstration include:

  • Ramsey Clark
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Ralph Nader
  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich (invited)
  • Cindy Sheehan

Dear supporter of the ANSWER Coalition,

We are writing you with an urgent message about the repression and resistance taking place today in Palestine. All of us need to take action now to show our solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people.

Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) soldiers opened fire today on thousands of Palestinian youth protesting the seizure of huge additional areas of Palestinian land in Jerusalem. The IOF forces fired so-called “rubber bullets”—really plastic-coated steel rounds capable of causing death or permanent injury—wounding scores of Palestinians, many seriously. Street-fighting spread to other West Bank cities, and Palestinian shop-owners shut down their stores in solidarity with the protests.

Last week, the Israeli government announced its plan to build 1,600 new settler homes in illegally annexed East Jerusalem. This latest aggression follows closely on the heels of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s annexationist declaration that the Mosque of Ibrahim/Temple of Abraham in the West Bank city of Hebron as well as a site in Bethlehem are now “Zionist heritage sites.”

These provocations are so extreme that they have prompted a negative reaction from the administration in Washington, which fears that they will lead to new rebellions in Palestine and throughout the region.

Nowhere in the world is it more important to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians and all peoples struggling against occupation than here in the United States. Without the massive military, economic, diplomatic and other assistance it gets from Washington, Israel could not carry out its relentless war against the Palestinian people.

Join us on Saturday, March 20 in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities to say: FREE PALESTINE – END COLONIAL OCCUPATION FROM IRAQ TO AFGHANISTAN AND EVERYWHERE – END U.S. AID TO ISRAEL!

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