March 27: Mass March for Immigrant Rights in LA

Mass March For Immigrant Rights In Downtown LA
Come Out to Legalization Now!

Saturday, March 27, 10:00amimmigrantrights1
Gather: Olympic and Broadway, Los Angeles
Map   Bus and Metro

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Last Saturday, March 20, tens of thousands of people across the country marched to stop U.S. wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. People from all walks of life were present. In each city, marches had large contingents demanding full rights for immigrants.

One day later, March 21, over 200,000 people marched for immigrant rights in Washintgon, D.C. Organizers and working families demanded just and comprensive immigration reform. Leaders of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition in Southern California marched in DC and spoke at the rally. They announced to the mass crowd assembled the next major step in the struggle for full equality: this Saturday's March 27 Mass March and Rally in Los Angeles.

On March 27, join the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, CHIRLA, COFEM and many others on the streets of downtown LA to demand comprehensive immigration reform now. ANSWER is a proud member of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition.

ANSWER urges all people against war, racism and discrimination to join the March 27 rally. If you are for human rights, join the rally. An injury to one is an injury to all! Full rights for immigrants now!

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For more info contact...
ANSWER Coalition: 213-251-1025 or [email protected]
Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition: 213-746-6264

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