DC Protest of Israeli Massacre of Gaza Aid Convoy

Emergency Demonstration
Protest Israeli Massacre Of Gaza Aid Convoy

Monday, May 31, 3:00pm
Israeli Embassy
3514 International Dr. NW
near Van Ness and Reno Rd., 1 block from Connecticut Ave.
Metro to UDC-Van Ness (red line)

Join the ANSWER Coalition, CodePink, WIAMEP, DCMetroBDS and other organizations and individuals today, 3:00pm, at an Emergency Protest at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., to denounce the Israeli military massacre of activists on a Gaza aid convoy. At least 19 international activists were killed by Israel, with dozens injured. The death toll may rise.

The attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla is a crime against humanity. The Gaza aid convoy, made up of six ships bringing medical, construction and school supplies to besieged Palestinians in Gaza, was attacked in international waters by 14 Israeli ships. Heavily armed Israeli commandos dropped onto the ships from helicopters and opened fire on the activists.

Gaza has been blockaded by Israel since 2007 with full backing by the U.S. government. The blockade is a brutal form of collective punishment aimed at strangling the Palestinian people.

Come out today to protest this outragous massacre and to demand an end to the siege of Gaza!

For more info call 202-265-1948 or email [email protected].

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