The struggle to repeal SB 1070 continues

The struggle to repeal SB 1070 continues

ANSWER has been in the streets struggling to overturn SB 1070 since it passed in April. On May Day, ANSWER organizers in dozens of cities hit the streets to demand equality for all and to denounce SB 1070. Hundreds of thousands marched.

ANSWER began organizing on the ground in Phoenix and, on May 29, sent buses from California to a mass protest of 100,000 people in Arizona. This historic demonstration was the largest outpouring yet of anger at the racist law and all anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona.

Grassroots organizations across the country are mobilizing to repeal SB 1070. The governments of major cities, like Los Angeles, have voted to boycott Arizona. Popular recording artists like Rage Against the Machine, Kanye West, Calle 13 and many others are refusing to perform in Arizona. Support for repealing SB 1070 is spreading.

The struggle to repeal SB 1070 is part and parcel of the struggle for full equality for immigrants. It is part of the new civil rights struggle.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

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