‘I am Renee Felton and I am marching July 25′

renee-felton.jpg“I am Renee Felton and I am going to march at the Million People’s March in Newark, NJ, to stand up against police brutality and for those who are unjustly incarcerated,” said Renee Felton, mother of Kwadir Felton who was shot, blinded and then jailed on false charges to cover up the violent actions of a racist cop in Jersey City, NJ.

“I am going to support all the march’s demands and call for justice for my son who was shot in the head by a cop and is now unjustly incarcerated,” added Renee.

“All the police killings, the police brutality, the falsely incarcerated–it’s really important because it is happening throughout the United States and not just in Jersey City, and not just in New York, it is nationwide.”

“It is a chance to let everyone know that we are fighting for our people, for justice. To stand up to say #Blacklivesmatter. I am going and want to tell everyone that being at the march is the right thing to do.”

“There’s a lot of corruption involved in Kwadir’s case—Kwadir does not belong in jail. He’s in jail to protect this cop.”

“Tomorrow I am meeting with Kwadir’s appeal attorney way past Trenton, me and Kwadir’s father. We are going there to speak with him to put in the paperwork for Kwadir’s appeal that is being held up.”

“Sometimes it feels like we are all alone. But we are not alone.” “I’m sorry for the loss of all the mothers who will be there like me, because I am going through the same thing. I can’t imagine what these mom’s feel who have lost their sons or daughters from police murder.”

“I am more than happy to march side by side with them,” concluded Renee.

For more information on the march visit the People’s Organization for Progress website or call 973-801-0001.

Reposted from Liberation News

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