A Woman's Place is in the Struggle

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A Woman's Place Is in the Struggle -- A new eBook in celebration of International Women's Day
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In the words of Assata Shakur: A Woman's Place Is in the Struggle!

Women have played an integral part in every progressive movement in history. From the abolition of slavery to labor rights, from the Civil Rights movement to opposition against imperialist war, we have always been on the front lines of the struggles that move society forward. In Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and beyond, we have proven ourselves time and time again as revolutionary leaders and organizers.

Although our story has been largely written out of official history, women have always played a central role in the struggle for justice and change.

"A Woman's Place Is in the Struggle" features 18 articles, statements and presentations in five sections: History of Women’s Struggle, Fighting Economic Oppression, The Battle for Health Care and Reproductive Rights, Connecting the Dots: Racism and Women’s Oppression, Standing Up to Imperialism, and Socialism and Women’s Liberation.

This collection from the Party for Socialism and Liberation and our allies touches on a number of challenges facing women today. It also looks at some of the history of past women’s struggles and achievements, but not for the sake of mere remembrance. Rather, we believe that the lessons of the past are critical for shaping and guiding our present-day movement, and helping pave the way to a future where all forms of oppression are ultimately abolished.

Peta Lindsay
March 2013

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