Photos and video: Activists protest glorification of nuclear war, destruction of Native lands at New Mexico museum

ANSWER New Mexico, the Los Alamos Study Group and many other progressive and anti-nuclear organizations organized a spirited rally outside of the New Mexico History Museum on Friday, July 13 to protest nuclear weapons and the racist environmental destruction that accompanies their production.

To win over the "hearts and minds" of New Mexico's residents to making their home ground-zero for U.S. nuclear weapons expansion, the City of Santa Fe has teamed up with Los Alamos National Laboratory to orchestrate a pro-nuclear public relations blitz in the state's capital called "Atomic Summer."

The Atomic Summer campaign is using museum exhibits, academic symposiums, opera performances, film screenings and other events to foster a nostalgic and skewed understanding of U.S. nuclear history, capitalize off of "atomic tourism," and promote a positive New Mexico self-identification with its "technological" place in the production chain of murderous weapons of mass destruction.


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