Join coordinated actions across the U.S. in October marking the 9th anniversary of the Afghanistan war

In response to the email sent a few hours ago, we have received information about several additional events, which we have included below.

Join coordinated actions across the U.S. in October marking the 9th anniversary of the Afghanistan war

March 20, 2010 - End the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

Actions initiated and supported by the ANSWER Coalition will take place to mark the ninth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, is a colonial war to secure massive profits for a handful of bankers and corporate owners. It is also a war that the Pentagon will allow to drag on endlessly if we don't continue to fight back.

Every day of this war is a catastrophe for the people of Afghanistan. Every day of this war is also a catastrophe for many U.S. troops. The troops being killed in Afghanistan are young people who had no access to a college education, working people put out of a job in the unemployment crisis, and parents who need health care and housing.

Please see below for a listing of events. Email [email protected] to have the event in your city listed on the ANSWER website.

Updated Listing

Los Angeles
Protest Afghanistan War, Shut Down Recruiters!
Wednesday, Octobter 6
3:30 pm @ Hollywood Military Recruitment Center
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles
(Corner of La Brea & Hollywood)
Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition and March Forward!, and co-sponsored by many organizations
ANSWER in Los Angeles: 213-251-1025, [email protected]

San Francisco
End the War, Justice for Hotel Workers Rally & March
Wednesday, October 6
5 pm @ Market and Powell
6:15pm @ Hilton (Mason and O'Farrell)
Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition and endorsed by many organizations
ANSWER in San Francisco: 415-821-6545, [email protected]

Teaneck, NJ
Wednesday, October 6
4:30-6:30 pm @ National Guard Armory, Teaneck Rd and Liberty Rd
Sponsored by Military Families Speak Out, Bergen County Chapter; Veterans for Peace, Chapter 21 NJ; Teaneck Peace and Justice Coalition

New Haven, Connecticut
Troops out now of Afghanistan and Iraq!
Money for jobs, education, housing and healthcare!
Arrest McChrystal for war crimes!
Thursday, October 7
6 pm @ Prospect Street at Grove Street
*Former Gen. Stanley McChrystal is now a professor at Yale.
ANSWER in New Haven: 203-606-0319, [email protected]

Street Meeting - Speak Out!
Thursday, October 7
Starting at 5:30 pm @ corner of State & Madison
ANSWER in Chicago: 773-463-0311, [email protected]

New York City
Thursday, October 7
5-7 pm @ Times Square Military Recruiting Center
(43rd St. between 7th Avenue and Broadway)
Sponsored by War Resisters League, Code Pink, World Can't Wait and others
ANSWER in NYC: 212-694-8720, [email protected]
Princeton, NJ
Thursday, October 7
5-6pm @ Palmer Square
Sponsored by the Coalition for Peace Action

Morrisville, PA
Thursday, October 7
4:30-6 pm @ Morrisville side of Trenton Makes Bridge on Bridge Street
Sponsored by the Bucks and Eastern Montgomery chapters of Coalition for Peace Action

Rochester, NY
Thursday, October 7
4:30 pm @ Federal Building (100 State St., Rochester)
*Oct. 7th also is the 1st anniversary of brutality against local anti-war activists by Rochester police
Sponsored by Rochester Against War, Progressives in Action, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, and others

Saturday, October 9
1 pm @ Westlake Park, 4th and Pine   
March at 2 pm through downtown, returning to Westlake
Sponsored by Seattle United Against the Afghan War, ANSWER and others
ANSWER in Seattle: 206-568-1661, [email protected]

Portland, OR
Saturday, October 9
11 am @ SW Parks Blocks at Portland State University between SW Market and Clay -- Rally
11:30 am -- March
1 pm -- Teach-in
2:30 pm -- Workshops
Coordinated by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group

Saturday, October 16
12 noon @ City Hall
March to Independence Mall for a Rally
Sponsored by Philly Against War, ANSWER and many others
ANSWER in Philadelphia: 267-275-8008, [email protected]

Midwest Regional March & Rally in Chicago
Saturday, October 16
Assemble at Michigan & Congress
March on Michigan Ave.

To have the event in your city listed on the ANSWER website, email [email protected].

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