Emergency actions across U.S. demand: End the war in Afghanistan now!

Emergency actions across the U.S. demand:

End the Afghanistan war now!

Demonstrations in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco

Afghanistan war

Demonstrators are taking to the streets in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco this week to demand: "End the Afghanistan war now!"

Outrage has been growing across the country in response to the senseless massacre of 16 Afghan civilians this past Sunday. The massacre is only the latest atrocity in the decade-long criminal occupation of Afghanistan. The only way to end war crimes is to end the war.

Join us in the streets in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan to demand an immediate end to the occupation. Bring the troops home now!

Los Angeles
Tue., March 13, 12 noon
Downtown Federal Building
300 N. Los Angeles St.
Wed., March 14, 5pm
Federal Plaza
Corner of Adams & Dearborn
San Francisco
Thu., March 15, 5pm
Powell & Market Streets

Please make an urgently needed donation to support the anti-war work of the ANSWER Coalition.


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