Sat., Oct. 6: End the Afghanistan War NOW!

On the 11th anniversary of the U.S./NATO occupation

End the Afghanistan War NOW!
No New War & Sanctions vs. Syria & Iran!

San Francisco - 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan War 10-0

Free Palestine – End the occupation!
Stop the attack on civil rights & liberties!
Jobs, healthcare, housing, education for all!

Sat., Oct. 6, 12 Noon – Powell & Market Sts., SF

As the 11th anniversary of the U.S./NATO occupation of Afghanistan nears, the danger of new and wider wars in the Middle East is on the rise. In Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, the death toll continues to mount. In April, Washington announced a plan to stay in Afghanistan until 2024. The stepped up and illegal use of killer drones has added to the deadly toll.

The U.S. and its allies are arming, funding and training the opposition forces in Syria, while talking of imposing a “no-fly zone” on that country – a step that would immediately lead to a bigger war.

Massive U.S. air and naval forces are deployed in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, and leaders in both Washington and its main regional ally, Israel, threaten Iran with an all-out attack, not ruling out the use of nuclear weapons. Vicious sanctions have been put in place, deliberately designed to inflict maximum suffering on the Iranian people. In occupied Palestine, Israel illegally seizes more Palestinian land and violently suppresses the people on a daily basis.

Here in the United States, civil rights and liberties are facing severe attack, with “national security” used as the excuse to spy on the people and infiltrate progressive organizations, targeting especially Muslims, Arabs and other people of color. While tens of millions of people remain unemployed due to the capitalist economic crisis, social programs are being slashed and public workers laid off. The corporate media blames the workers for the crisis, but the real cause is clear: a military budget that really totals over $1.4 trillion dollars, more than all the other countries on Earth combined!

Only a powerful people’s movement can turn this situation around. Join us on Oct. 6 in the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities. Volunteer to help build the movement now!

March & Rally
Sat., Oct. 6, 12 Noon
Powell & Market Sts., SF

Initiated by: ANSWER Coalition-Act Now to Stop War & End Racism. Co-sponsored by: Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return Coalition, Code Pink, Unitarian Universalists for Peace-SF, Cindy Sheehan, FMLN-Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front-No. CA, Teachers for Public Education, Progressive Student Union, Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Women Organized to Resist & Defend,  National Lawyers Guild – LA Chapter, People's CORE, Vets for PeaceLA Chapter

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