An urgent appeal from Eugene Puryear

Eugene Puryear, left, and Kenny Nero, right, lead chants during march to shut down H St. in Washington, D.C.
Dear friend,
I am writing to you from the front lines of the new nationwide movement for racial justice in America.
We have been in the streets every day and every night for weeks -- and throughout the country.
This is no longer just young people -- although we have been out in near record numbers and providing a new exciting leadership.
Mainstream professional associations, unions and faith-based organizations are heeding the call.
We are making thousands of placards and signs. Can you help? We are printing leaflets and posters. Since hundreds have been arrested we are raising bail money and seeking legal help.
All of us ANSWER organizers, volunteers and supporters are working day and night to help this movement grow.
We can do this work with you but not without you!
Please make an urgently needed donation right now. Every contribution is tax-deductible and every donation makes a difference.
Together we can change this country and the world. Peace and racial justice go hand in hand -- they always have!
Fighting for Justice,
Eugene Puryear
National Organizer
ANSWER Coalition

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