1 Year After Anaheim: California Unity March Against Police Brutality

Date: July 21, 2013
Time: 1PM
Anaheim City Hall
200 South Anaheim Blvd.,
Anaheim, California
[email protected]

On the 1 year anniversary of two police murders in Anaheim that sparked the historic uprising against police brutality, join the ANSWER Coalition and a broad coalition of community groups, progressive organizations and the families, individuals and communities who are victims of police violence for a Southern California Unity March Against Police Brutality.

Click here or see below for a personal appeal from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo about this action.

Just in May, 10 people were murdered by police forces in Southern California in one of the deadliest weeks of the ongoing epidemic of police brutality. Only a people’s movement can turn the tide.

A clear shift in consciousness came in July of 2012 as the people of Anaheim rose up against repeated incidents of police murder and repression, including an assault on a group of parents and their children. The community and activist organizations united, striking fear into the police forces, who became completely militarized to suppress the movement.

This is why the ANSWER Coalition calls on all people in Southern California to unite on July 21, in the name of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, to stop police violence

Points of Unity:

  • Justice for Manuel Diaz, Joel Acevedo and all victims of police violence!
  • Jail all killer cops! Recall California DAs!
  • End racial profiling, gang injunctions, and police checkpoints!
  • No more border killings! Stop all raids!
  • Community control over all police and prison guards!

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  • Click here to read and share the personal appeal from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo about this action
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Inititated by:
Family of Manuel Diaz
(murdered by police in Anaheim on July 21, 2012);
Family of Joel Acevedo
(murdered by police in Anaheim on July 22, 2012);
Family of Jeremy Marks (shot by LAPD on May 8, 2013);
Family of Martin Angel Hernandez (murdered by police in Anaheim on Mar. 6, 2012);
Family of Jose de la Trinidad (murdered by police in Willowbrook on Nov. 10, 2012);
Family & friends of Mike Nida
(murdered by Downey police on Oct. 22, 2011);
Elizabeth Bustamante and John Cabrera
(shot by Long Beach police on Jan. 26, 2011);
Family of Andres Avila (murdered by Pomona police on Oct. 16, 2011);
Family of Doug Zerby (murdered by Long Beach police on Dec. 12, 2010);
Family of Caesar Ray Cruz (murdered by police in Fullerton on Dec. 11, 2009);
Family of James W Moore (murdered by Kern County Sheriff in 2005);
Family of Justin Hertl (murdered by Anaheim police, Nov. 14, 2003);
Family of Marcel Ceja (murdered by Anaheim police, Nov 4, 2011);
Family of Tony Francis (murdered by Bellflower Sheriffs, Aug. 24, 2012);
Family of Javier Arrazola (murdered by West Valley LAPD, Oct. 1, 2012);
Family of Roscoe Cambridge (murdered by Anaheim police, Jan. 19, 2012);
Family of David Raya (murdered by Anaheim police, Aug. 16, 2011);
Family of Joe Whitehouse (murdered by Anaheim police, July 16, 2007);
Family of Ernest Duenez, Jr. (murdered by Manteca police, June 8, 2011);
Family of David Silva (murdered by Kern County deputies, May 7, 2013);
Family of Jason Bitz (murdered by off-duty Santa Ana police officer, Oct. 31, 2011);
Family of Marcel Luis Ceja (murdered by Anaheim Police officer David Garcia, Nov.4, 2011);
Family of Ismael Lopez (murdered by Long Beach police, Aug. 26, 2011);
Family of Rigoberto Arceo (murdered on LA County Sheriff's deputy in Cudahy on May 11, 2013);
Family of Steven Bours (murdered by Downey Police on March 20, 2010);
Mother of Kenneth Harding (murdered by SFPD on July 16, 2011);
Family of Idriss Stelley (murdered by SFPD on June 12, 2001);
Family of Bobby Henning (murdered by Paramount Police on Feb. 21, 2012);
ANSWER Los Angeles; United Survivors of Anaheim; Oscar Grant Foundation; Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition;  National Lawyers Guild - LA; Jeremy Marks Defense Committee; Long Beach Campaign to Stop Police Violence, Nida's Rydas; Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD); KmB Pro-People Youth; March Forward!; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Worker Student Alliance (UC Irvine); Kenneth Harding Foundation; Idriss Stelley Foundation; Education Not Incarceration - SF Chapter; POOR Magazine/Prensa Pobre; Decolonize Oakland; ONYX Organizing Committee; Youth Justice Coalition; and more...

Click here to endorse and/or RSVP to this action as an individual or an organization.

Transportation centers:
Bay Area:
Call 415-821-6545 or email [email protected]
San Diego:
Call 619-508-6756 or email [email protected]

Email [email protected] to add your city as a transportation center.

Please see below for a personal appeal from the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo to join this important action:

 To the people of Southern California:

Our names are Genevieve Huizar and Donna Michelle Castro and we are writing to you and all organizations concerned with fighting police brutality and racism. Our sons were murdered on July 21 and July 22 of last year in the city of Anaheim, sparking weeks of rebellion and resistance to the epidemic of police violence that is affecting communities throughout Southern California and beyond.

These mass protests were made possible through the broad unity of local communities and activist organizations. We call on all of you, from Bakersfield to San Diego, to converge in Anaheim again, on the one year anniversary of those dramatic events. We will march united, in the name of our fallen sons, Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, to demand an end to police brutality throughout the region.

Our demands, which are our points of unity (listed above), have come from our experiences for the past year as steadfast activists in the police brutality movement throughout Southern California, fighting alongside countless grieving mothers.

We know that the people hold the power to stop police violence and that this change can only come from our collective, direct action. We will gather at Little People’s Park in remembrance of the 1978 uprising against racist Anaheim police violence [note: the location of the demonstration has since been changed to Anaheim City Hall]. We will march on Disneyland, a world icon of Southern California, and expose the real life experience of working people that are pushed outside the bounds of Southern California tourism and affluence.

Join us in the streets on July 21st! Please endorse and/or RSVP by clicking here.

In solidarity,

Genevieve Huizar         Donna Michelle Castro

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