South Korea: ANSWER Coalition at the International Forum for Peace and Reunification

From June 14-17, hundreds of activists and intellectuals gathered in Seoul, South Korea for International Forum for Peace and Reunification. The conference was sponsored by the Civic Society Committee for Opposing Political Repression and Protecting Democracy, June 15th Declaration Headquarter for Scholarship in South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15th North-South Joint Declaration, Society of April Revolution as well as the IFPR promotion committee. Participants also took part in several demonstrations throughout the course of the event. ANSWER Coalition activist Derek Ford gave presentations during several of the plenaries, expressing ANSWER's solidarity with the struggle to reunify Korea and end the U.S. occupation of the South. Below are photos of the event.

Plenary session of the conference
Demonstration in Imjingak commemorating the June 15 2000 Inter-Korean summit and protesting the Park Guen-hye regime's refusal to engage North Korea and reunify the country.
Demonstration in Seoul demanding the liberation of political prisoners and an end to the country's National Security Law. Under the law anyone expressing sympathy for North Korea or communism can be thrown in jail for years. Nine members of the Corean Alliance for Independent Reunification and Democracy are currently imprisoned as part of the Park Guen-hye regime's campaign of repression.

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