June 24-28 - ANSWER SF activists present at U.S. Social Forum, San Jose


Fri. June 26, 6pm 
Unitarian Church, 160 N. 3rd Street, San Jose

BALASC (Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Coalition) Panel:
How the U.S. Exports its Militarism to Latin America: Honduras, Colombia, Mexico

Presentations by:
Alice Loaiza, Marcha Patriótica
Frank Lara, ANSWER Coalition
Porfirio Quintano, Frente de Resistencia Hondureño

Watch Telesur interview with Frank Lara about the role of the USSF

Sat. June 27, 8:30am
St. Paul's Methodist Church, 405 S. 10th St., San Jose

Cuba and Venezuela: Another World is Possible

Another world is possible, exemplified by Cuba and Venezuela, where the state serves rather than represses the people, which is why the U.S. is bent on regime change. Let's change U.S. policies toward Cuba and Venezuela to promote justice and peace and learn from participatory democracy and 21st Century Socialism.

Presentations by:
Roger Harris, Marin Task Force on the Americas
Gloria La Riva, ANSWER Coalition

Call 415-821-6545 for more details. 

More info on U.S. Social Forum

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