Apr 10 | Webinar - For a Peaceful Pacific: Opposing NATO's Military Aggression

The ANSWER Coalition will be speaking on No Cold War's webinar on Saturday, April 10 2021 (9am US Eastern, 6am US Pacific, 2pm Britain, 9pm China). The event will be livestreamed on No Cold War's YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Early indications from the Biden administration are that it proposes to continue the New Cold War on China, including through attempts to expand NATO's sphere of operation into the Pacific. This webinar will feature a line-up of peace campaigners and academics to explore the issues of the 'Quad' and associated attempts to construct an anti-China regional alliance; US military bases; the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system; the South China Sea; and the prospects for a peaceful Pacific. 
Speakers include:
  • Ann Wright - CODEPINK / Veterans for Peace
  • Wang Danning - Research fellow, Charhar Institute (China)
  • Rob Kajiwara - President, Peace for Okinawa Coalition
  • Ajamu Baraka - Black Alliance for Peace / Coalition Against US Foreign Military Bases
  • Kate Hudson - General Secretary, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Vijay Prashad - Director, Tricontinental Institute
  • Julie Tang - Retired judge / Co-founder, Pivot to Peace
  • Lisa Natividad - University of Guam / I Hagan Famalao'an Guahan
  • KJ Noh - Veterans for Peace / expert on Asia-Pacific geopolitics
  • Kawena Kapahua - Hawaiian activist
  • Jenny Clegg - Academic / author of 'China's Global Strategy: Toward a Multipolar World'
  • Derek Ford - ANSWER Coalition / Assistant professor, DePauw University

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