Chicago March for Justice, Power, and Black and Brown Lives: Sat., Aug. 6


Please note. The organizers of the August 6 March for Justice, Power and for Black and Brown Lives have changed the time and location. We will be assembling at Western and Marquette (6700 S. Western) at 12:30 pm. Please share this information.

Saturday, August 6 at 12:30 p.m.

Assemble at Western and Marquette (6700 S. Western)
March to Alderman Edward Burke's Office (2650 W. 51st)
(Burke is the author of the proposed racist Blue Lives Matter ordinance in Chicago)
Wear black!

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The time is now to keep marching for justice. On the 50th Anniversary of the Chicago Freedom Movement march that started in Marquette Park, people from all communities in Chicago and with diverse calls for justice will be converging to demand justice for the victims of racist police terror and to stop the racist Blue Lives Matter ordinance proposed by alderman Edward Burke.

The Chicago Blue Lives Matter ordinance, which would outrageously give hate crime protections to the police, is in reality an attack on Black Lives Matter and all working and poor people. It is meant to isolate the Black community and silence protest. The ordinance is meant to further shield police officers from accountability--police officers who everyday kill, harass and brutalize with impunity. At its core, Blue Lives Matter = White Supremacy.

We must not be silenced. We must keep marching. We must respond to the attempts to divide us with greater and stronger unity. Let's build a new multinational mass movement that can defeat racism once and for all.

Justice for Victims of Police Murder and Brutality: Jail all Racist Killer Cops!
Stop the Chicago Blue Lives Matter Ordinance!
Money for Jobs and Education, Not for Racist Police, Mass Incarceration and War!
Unite to Fight all Forms of Bigotry!

Two organizers speak out about why they are organizing this important march

Ashanti2.jpgAshanti Andrews

Honestly, it makes me angry that we are fighting the same battles for the exact same things 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. marched in Marquette Park. But it also makes me want to fight harder.

The August 6 march is for the people who fought for our rights 50 years ago. This is for the people six feet under whose lives were taken because of the color of their skin. This is for the next generation so they will not have to feel that raging sensation in their hearts and pain down in their toes from waking up in this infected society.

When I think about the murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Paull O’neal and Korryne Gaines, I think that we have to fight harder for them. Their deaths have to mean something. They cannot die without justice. We must keep marching.

Ana1.jpgAna Santoyo

Why am I helping with August 6? Because I am mad and ready to fight. There is a lot to be angry and sad about right now. It’s been over four years since Trayvon and two years since Ferguson and nothing fundamental has changed. Black and Brown people continue to be murdered in the street by racist cops. Murdered every day.

This system continues to destroy our futures by spending money on war and protecting the rich while ignoring the very real crises we face. Education costs too much. They’re closing our schools. We need more jobs. Better paying jobs. Instead of offering us help and a way out of poverty and racism, they continue to militarize, incarcerate and deport.

Everyone should join us on August 6—I don’t care what color you are—because we need to build a movement strong enough and big enough to win. There’s a time to mourn, but what is needed now is justice and power. Black people and other people of color are an unstoppable force. Black Lives Matter has shown the world that young Black, Latino, Arab, Asian and white people are no longer willing to accept racist police terror, systematic racism and a system that puts the needs of the few over the dreams of the many.

Join us in the streets on August 6 as we honor MLK by marching from Marquette Park to the office of alderman Edward Burke, the sponsor of the racist Blue Lives Matter ordinance. 

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