Black Friday shut down: No profits until Palestine is free!

Photo: Shut It Down protesters gather outside Macy's in San Francisco

On the most profitable day of the year for major retailers, the movement to Shut It Down for Palestine held another powerful day of action nationwide. Protests of many different types were held at commercial centers across the country, disrupting the windfall of money that big corporations count on all year in a clear example that business as usual will not be allowed to continue until Palestine is free. These actions were a huge success despite police violence directed at protesters, including 8 in Atlanta who were brutally arrested while exercising their right to free speech.

Watch a video with highlights from the day of action

Protesters held a moving picket of 1000+ people for almost an hour in San Jose’s Valley Fair Mall

At scores of actions, demonstrators expressed their determination to continue to mobilize and stay in the streets amid the 4-day "pause" in fighting. We must not allow Israel and the Biden administration to resume their genocide of Palestinians at the end of the pause -- we demand a permanent ceasefire now!

Thousands marched in New York City through major commercial areas

And Israel keeps committing crimes despite their promise to temporarily halt attacks. Yesterday, a group of Palestinian refugees attempting to return to their homes in the northern part of Gaza were massacred by Israeli soldiers.  

Protesters in Boston picket outside of a Puma store -- a company that sponsors sports teams in illegal Israeli settlements

Protesters creatively applied a wide range of tactics on Black Friday. At malls throughout the country, Shut It Down protesters unfurled massive banners with the names of Palestinians murdered by Israel since Oct. 7 and held die-ins. Pickets were held outside stores belonging to corporations that do business in Israel and profit amid genocide.

Protesters hold a banner with the names of Palestinians murdered by Israel and the Biden administration during an action at the Eastview Mall in Victor, New York

This grassroots movement demanding an end to genocide will continue and grow. And the fight will continue until the siege on Gaza is lifted, all Palestinian prisoners are released from Israeli jails, and the occupation of all Palestinian lands ends once and for all!

Shut It Down protesters chant and hold a banner drop at the King of Prussia mall outside Philadelphia displaying the names of thousands of Palestinian martyrs

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