Education is a right for all: No to racism and segregation!

The recent decision to close and merge seventeen schools throughout the city will negatively impact the education and lives of thousands of students and their families. In 2011, the budget cuts are expected to continue and could include firing teachers and other staff, closing more schools, leasing the buildings to for-profit charter schools, cutting specialized programming and eliminating bus transportation for thousands of children.

Please take a moment to sign a petition opposing these attacks on our public school system.

Boston schools, cited by a Northeastern University study, are among the most racially segregated in the entire country. In recent years, organized community resistance has prevented racist rezoning efforts that aimed to cut bus transportation.

Funding for public schools is consistently cut yet trillions of dollars have gone to the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for big business bailouts. Billions are spent on overcrowded prisons and racist police departments, while schools are closed and teachers fired. Teachers and unions are not to blame for the long history of chronic underfunding, overcrowding and widespread racism found within our education system.

Students, parents, teachers and community members must continue to unite in action to defend our public schools and demand equal access to a quality education for all. You can take action right now by signing the petition below. Get involved with ANSWER Boston and join the fight for education today!

No education cuts! No segregation in our schools!

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