BREAKING: Protests Held Tonight at the White House & Times Square

Photo: Demonstration tonight outside of the White House

Within two hours of the attack on Yemen by the United States and UK, protests called by the ANSWER Coalition were held outside the White House and at Times Square in New York City to demand: U.S. hands off Yemen now! Demonstrators raised their voice against this act of aggression that is aimed at helping Israel continue its assault on Gaza.

Photo: Protest tonight in Times Square in New York City

The Pentagon war machine wants to punish Yemen for refusing to allow the waters off their coast to be used to sustain the genocide against Palestinians. It is a wanton violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and an extremely dangerous escalation. The Biden administration’s actions have raised the prospect of a devastating regional war.

Anti-war actions are planned for many other cities tomorrow. And on Saturday, a massive National March for Gaza will take place in Washington, D.C. starting at Freedom Plaza at 1:00 p.m.

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