New campaign: Lead Out Now! Chicago demands clean water

The ANSWER Coalition is supporting Lead Out Now! Chicago, an important new initiative to demand clean water and combat the racist, anti-working class administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel that refuses to address the crisis.

Lead Out Now! Chicago petitioning team

There is lead in the water and the city is doing nothing about it. Recent studies have found high amounts of lead, a neurotoxin that is unsafe at any level, in the water of Chicago homes. There are over 400,000 lead service lines  all installed by a mandate from the city despite the known hazards  poisoning the residents of the Chicago. The poisoning of the city disproportionately effects children, our schools, poor and oppressed people. Mayor Emanuel says he will do nothing. That is criminal! We are fighting back and together we will get the lead out! Sign and share the petition to demand LEAD OUT NOW and join the campaign!

Learn more and sign the petition here!

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