Stand with the caravan from Central America

The ANSWER Coalition participated in a press conference in Chicago in front of the Trump Tower on Oct. 25 to show solidarity with the caravan from Central America that is now walking through Mexico on the way to the U.S.-Mexico border.

See photos, read a statement by Ana Santoyo on behalf of the ANSWER Coalition, and watch the statement on video below:

ANSWER Coalition organizer Ana Santoyo

Ana Santoyo, an organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, gave the following statement at a press conference on Oct. 25, 2018, in front of Trump Tower in Chicago:

I want to make something very clear from our perspective. Workers, immigrants and all oppressed people here in the United States share a common enemy with Honduran and Central American refugees and with all refugees and immigrants.

Our common enemy is in Washington. It is not just a republican party enemy. It is not just a democratic party enemy. Our enemy is manifest destiny and U.S. imperialism. Our enemy is white supremacy and the 1%. The two ruling parties here in the United States fully support U.S. domination of Latin America by U.S. corporations and through military-industrial complex. The 2009 U.S. backed coup in Honduras that is the direct cause of the refugee crisis happened under the watch of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While we resist racist Trump and his henchmen -- his administration, after all, poses a grave danger to the people of the planet -- we must put out a call to build an authentic people’s unity that demands full rights for all refugees and immigrants.

Let’s be honest. The leaders of the democratic party would rather have a wall than stand up for refugees. The deafening silence of people like Schumer and Pelosi right now should make it abundantly clear that they have more in common with Trump than they do with the people. These are increasingly dangerous times and this times mean we must choose our allies well if we intend to come out victorious.

We in the ANSWER Coalition stand with refugees and immigrants and will stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who want to build an independent people’s resistance to racism, U.S. war and all forms of bigotry. Refugees in! Unite to Defeat white supremacy! Unite to defeat U.S. supremacy!

-- Statement by Ana Santoyo, on behalf of the ANSWER Coalition -- Chicago, Oct. 25, 2018

Watch it on video:

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