Countrywide protests continue against white supremacy

Following the rally and terrorist attack by fascists in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Donald Trump's subsequent defense of the white supremacists, massive demonstrations have continued in cities and towns across the country whenever Trump speaks or the right-wing mobilizes, and to demand the removal of racist and fascist statues.

Below are photos and links to coverage from a few of the latest actions.

Chicago, Illinois - August 23:
Protest demanding "Take Fascist Balbo Monument Down Now!"
Read coverage from the Washington Post

Bradenton, Florida - August 21:
After hundreds demonstrated against the Confederate statue, the county authorities granted the protesters' demand and removed the statue!
Follow the struggle here.

Boston, Massachusetts - August 19:
Approximately 40,000 people gathered
Read coverage from Liberation News
Phoenix, Arizona - August 22:
Thousands gathered to protest during a Trump rally
Read coverage from Liberation News

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