Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee Statement on attempted assassination of President Nicolás Maduro

Reposted from the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee

maduro.jpgThe Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee in the United States joins a multitude of international solidarity groups, progressive governments, and revolutionary movements around the world in expressing our support for President Nicolás Maduro, the PSUV and the Bolivarian revolutionary process following the cowardly attempt on the life of the President in Caracas.

We condemn the U.S. military presence in the region, which continues coordinated efforts with Columbia’s right-wing government to wage a violent campaign of economic sabotage and terrorism within the sovereign territory of Venezuela.

Preceded by months of threats of military intervention from the Trump administration, unabashed warmonger and new National Security Advisor John Bolton denied claims of U.S. involvement in the Caracas attack.

However, the role of the U.S. government for almost 20 years of destabilization, coups, economic war, sanctions and now threats of military action, is obvious.

Some of the attackers arrested in association with the bombings have been revealed by Venezuela’s Interior Minister to have taken part in attacking a military base in 2017 and participating in the wave of violent protests against the government in 2014. Far-right groups carrying out such attacks have received millions of dollars in funding from U.S. programs. Additionally, U.S. corporate media outlets manipulate the image of these fascistic elements of Venezuela’s opposition to the public as “freedom fighters.”

We salute the efforts of the Venezuelan government to uproot the forces of counter-revolution and pledge to remain vigilant in our struggle to expose every manifestation of imperialist intervention that seeks to halt the advances of the Bolivarian socialist project for the Venezuelan people.

Viva Maduro! U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!

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