Dec. 23 day of action: No Christmas as usual during a genocide!

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The genocidal Israeli assault on Gaza is continuing with incredible cruelty. This Christmas, occupation forces are sniping Christians sheltering in their besieged churches in Gaza and Christians in Bethlehem have declared that their celebrations are canceled. People everywhere must continue to declare that there can be no Christmas as usual during a genocide!

In solidarity, the Shut It Down for Palestine movement will organize actions to boycott, disrupt, and rally at commercial centers on Dec. 23. We demand a ceasefire, an end to all U.S. aid to Israel, freedom for all Palestinian prisoners and the end of the occupation from the river to the sea!

The U.S. government has blood on its hands. The Biden administration has provided Israel with an endless supply of weaponry that makes the genocide possible. And now it is threatening to attack Yemen to punish the country for its support for Palestine. We need to stay in the streets!

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