Petition to the Sacramento County District Attorney: Drop the remaining charge against Maile Hampton now!


Last year, the Sacramento police outrageously charged ANSWER Coalition activist Maile Hampton, a young Afro-Native organizer, with felony “lynching.” After holding them initially on $100,000 bail, Maile was released pending trial. The Sacramento District Attorney has decided to drop the felony lynching charge after sustained community pressure and international publicity. However, Maile still faces an unjust misdemeanor charge and could spend up to a year in jail in addition to being put on probation and being given a large fine.

Maile's case has been moved and delayed several times we are currently waiting for the DA to announce the date of the trial. When we have the date we will publicize it and ask everyone to attend in support.

Add your name below to demand that the Sacramento County District Attorney drop the remaining charge against Maile Hampton now!

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