Emergency protests respond to Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

On March 30, Israeli forces unleashed massive, deadly repression against protesting Palestinians near the border of the Gaza strip. The demonstration, called the Great March of Return, took place on Land Day, when Palestinians express their determination to return to the land stolen from them by the Israeli settler regime and commemorate an earlier massacre carried out by Israel in 1976. The action was part of a series of demonstrations leading up to Nakba (Catastrophe) Day, when Palestinians mark the creation of Israel, which continued on April 6.

Despite the silence and distortion from western governments and the corporate media, people around the world were outraged at the killing of at least 17 unarmed Palestinian protesters and the wounding of well over 1,000 others.

Emergency protests were held the following day, and have taken place in cities across the United States throughout the last week. Below are photos from several U.S. cities (check back as we add more):

San Francisco, California - March 31
Cleveland, Ohio (Photo credit: Abbas Hamideh) - March 31
Boston, Massachusetts - April 2
Albuquerque, New Mexico - April 6

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