Eyewitness Venezuela: National Livestream with Anti-war Leaders

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This event was part of a day of action was initiated by the Alliance for Global Justice that is endorsed by dozens of organizations including the ANSWER Coalition.

The special Eyewitness Venezuela Livestream Panel featured:

  • Ajamu Baraka — Black Alliance for Peace
  • Gloria La Riva — Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity Committee and ANSWER Coalition
  • Max Blumenthal — Editor at Grayzone Project
  • Medea Benjamin — CodePink
  • Anya Parampil — Grayzone Project
  • Claudia De La Cruz — Popular Education Project

The livestream was nationally broadcast from the former Venezuelan Embassy building in Washington, D.C., on the Facebook page of the ANSWER Coalition. The panel presentation featured prominent anti-war and peace activists, and progressive journalists based in the United States who have just returned from Venezuela or have firsthand knowledge. They discussed the reality of the situation in Venezuela, took on the myths portrayed in the corporate media, and explained what lies behind the U.S. war drive and how we can stop it.

For the past several months Venezuela has resisted the immense pressure by the Pentagon and United States government led by Donald Trump. On January 23, 2019, Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself the indefinite “interim president” of Venezuela at the behest of United States Vice President Mike Pence. The U.S. government has illegally threatened Venezuela with outright invasion, funded right-wing paramilitaries, imposed sanctions and seized much of Venezuela’s wealth. The people of Venezuela are suffering a prolonged electricity blackout by U.S.-led sabotage, as Washington seeks to destabilize the country for regime change.

Countering the Pentagon’s narrative in the U.S. media is the focus of this livestream by anti-war and peace activists, and progressive journalists. Anti-war U.S. activists have been mobilizing and holding protests, marches, direct actions and forums to stop the U.S. war drive against Venezuela.

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