Eyewitness reports: Refugee caravan travels through Mexico

Gloria La Riva and a Liberation News team has traveled to southern Mexico to join the immigrant and refugee caravan as it makes its way north. They have provided crucial information to combat the racist lies spread by the Trump administration and other right wing political forces demonizing the refugees. Their reports are republished below.

Our first encounter with the Honduras Caravan

As night fell on a Mexican highway heading south from La Tinaja in the state of Veracruz on our way to meet the Honduran caravan, we came upon the first group of 200 Honduran refugees. They had walked more than 25 miles today in the humid heat, without water or food of any kind. Those we spoke with had entered Mexico from Guatemala on October 15. Although some 7,000 people, almost all Hondurans, entered en masse, some groups are separated by distance if they were transported by sympathetic people.

The group of 200 Hondurans we met had women and men of all ages, including pregnant women, babies and children.

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Mexico embraces the Honduras caravanistas

Several hours after Veracruz governor Miguel Angel Yunes cancelled his promise to provide 160 buses for the Honduran refugees to be taken to Mexico City, the disappointed but determined people started on the road again at 3:00 this morning. Yunes said he was cancelling the buses because one of Mexico City’s two water sources is shut down for several days of maintenance, leaving many in the capital without water. But caravanistas did not buy that explanation.

Some 3,000 Hondurans walked or hitched truck rides the 44 miles from Sayula de Alemán, Veracruz state north to La Isla.

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Day 3 with the refugee caravan, from La Isla headed to Mexico City

Day 4 with the refugee caravan, interviews in Mexico City


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