Victims of Police Violence: 'Why We're Marching on March 19'

On March 19, thousands of people will march in the streets of Los Angeles to stop the wars at home and abroad. As U.S. wars on Afghanistan and Iraq continue with no end in sight, there is also an ongoing war on the people here at home. Police violence has reached epidemic proportions on a national scale. The mass incarceration of poor and working people, especially Black and Latino youth, is an ongoing and worsening social problem.

Between military occupations, murderous police departments in the United States, and the prison-industrial complex—trillions of dollars is spent on wars at home and abroad while the political establishment cries out that “there isn’t any money” for jobs, housing, healthcare, and education.

March with the contingent to Stop Police Violence on March 19 to demand an end to all wars on the people, both at home and abroad. We will meet at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, Los Angeles, CA 90028, under the “Stop Police Violence” banner.

We will hear from victims of police brutality, share stories, and continue to build a fighting movement to put a stop to the war on people here at home that is costing us the lives of our loved ones and the money we need for jobs, housing, healthcare, and education.

Families and Victims Speak Out Against Police Violence

Perry Grays, victim of Long Beach Police Department violence

I am marching because I am against U.S. wars abroad and also because I am a victim of the wars going on here at home. I was viciously attacked by the Long Beach Police Department with flashlights, batons and taser guns for attempting to exercise my constitutional right to file a complaint against an officer who was harassing me.

I’ll be in the streets on March 19 to march for justice.


Nicki Otto, sister of Steve Bours (pictured right), killed by Downey Police Department on March 20, 2010

When my brother came home from Iraq after his second tour he was shot more than 10 times, with the final shot execution-style by the Downey Police Department. These killings have to end.

This march is so important to make people aware how out of control police shootings are. We, the taxpayers, pay them to protect and serve not shoot to kill. Lets show the higher ups we're not going to stand for this and that police need to take responsibility for thier actions. Join this march and lets show them we will not tolerate this.


Rochelle Pittman, mother of Jeremy Marks, who faces years in prison for videotaping police abuse

The police burst into my home and raided it armed to the teeth. They tried to terrorize me and my family and my neighbors. They want us to submit and give in to the injustice they have committed against my son, who was put in jail for no reason at all except that he videotaped police violence.

I hope everyone will join the ANSWER Coalition’s anti-police violence contingent on March 19 to demand an end to these attacks on innocent people.


For more info: 213-251-1025 or email [email protected].

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