Stand up to bigotry in the wake of fascist massacre of Jewish worshipers in Pittsburgh

The ANSWER coalition expresses our deepest condolences and outrage at the massacre of 11 worshipers at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This act of anti-Semitic terror was carried out by an avowed fascist, and reflects the dangerous growth of these political forces. 

The massacre was also an expression of anti-immigrant bigotry, as the Tree of Life Synagogue was apparently targeted due to its relationship with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, an organization that provides assistance to refugees.

Anti-immigrant racism and allusions to anti-Semitic tropes have been central features of Donald Trump's intervention in the midterm election.

We applaud all those who participated in the large demonstration that challenged Trump when he visited Pittsburgh on the same day as the funeral services for victims, and all others who have come out into the streets across the country.

Vigil in Pittsburgh held the day after the attack

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