Donate! Save your Tax $$ and Fight Trump!

NoTrump2.jpgHelp launch a New Year of Struggle against Trump and claim a 2016 tax deduction!

The incoming Trump administration can only be accurately described as a gigantic criminal enterprise, intent on assaulting the people and the planet for the benefit of the super-rich.

We must be prepared from its first day in office, January 20, 2017, to fight back, and we need your participation and your financial support – today!

Donations made, or checks dated by, midnight on December 31 to the Progress Unity Fund/ ANSWER are tax-deductible.

ANSWER Coalition is organizing from coast to coast to resist the Trump Program from Day One of his incoming administration. ANSWER will be in the streets of Washington DC, San Francisco and other cities on January 20, 2017, uniting with many other organizations and thousands of individuals. We hope you will join us.

Please help us make the January 20 Counter-Inaugural protests and the determined organizing work which must follow as successful as possible. The future of all of us depends on it!

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