Government shutdown: Federal workers fight back

The government shutdown is now in its fourth week, as the Trump administration goes to greater and greater lengths to fund its racist border wall. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees, along with their families and communities, are being locked out of their jobs and denied income. Hundreds of thousands of others are outrageously being forced to work without pay. In addition, people across the country are being denied access to important public services as a result of the shutdown.

Despite the obvious injustice of the situation, the Democratic Party politicians in Congress are completely ineffective in organizing opposition to Trump and his shutdown. They refuse to challenge him on the issues, especially immigrant rights, and are content to play the role of the "responsible adults in the room".

But federal employees and their unions are fighting back and taking to the streets. The ANSWER Coalition send its solidarity to the workers who are standing up to the lockout. Below are photos from a labor rally held in Washington, D.C., on January 10. 



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