Government that speaks in your name is dropping bombs on Africa

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Download and print flyers to spread the word about the July 9 "Stop the Bombing of Libya" demonstration!

After more than 100 consecutive days of bombing, the main complaint of the NATO bombers is that they are running out of missiles and bombs. President Obama tries to placate public opinion at home by asserting that the United States has taken a "backseat" in the campaign. In fact, the United States bombers have carried out 801 strike sorties against Libya.

Hundreds of thousands of Libyans took to the streets again in recent days in Tripoli to demand an end to the bombing of their cities and country. Of course, their mass actions and voices are never reported in the corporate-backed media.

Join with people from all over this Saturday, July 9 at 12noon at the White House to demand an end to the criminal bombing.

Please make an urgently needed donation to help defray the cost of bus transportation and the other expenses associated with this important emergency mobilization.

Public opinion in the United States is 2-to-1 against the bombing of Libya, a country that possesses the largest known oil reserves in Africa.

But this opposition must be active. We must be in the streets. Instead of spending $10 million every day to bomb Tripoli, funds should be made available for jobs, schools, housing, healthcare and other programs that human beings need.

Transportation centers have been created in numerous cities to bring people by bus, van and car caravan to to the White House on Saturday, July 9, at noon to demand: "Stop Bombing Libya!" See below for the transportation center nearest you.

If you can help drive others to the July 9 protest, please click here.

We have also produced flyers that you can print to help spread the word about the July 9 demonstration. Click here to download the printable PDF flyer for your city.

Transportation Centers:

New York City, N.Y.
[email protected] · 212-694-8720
Get your $10 bus ticket from New York City to the protest


Pittsburgh, Penn.
[email protected] · 412-651-7719
Get your $10 bus ticket from Pittsburgh to the protest


Philadelphia, Penn.
[email protected] · 267-281-3859


Baltimore, Md.
[email protected] · 443-759-9968

New Haven, Conn.
[email protected] · 203-903-4480

Boston, Mass.
[email protected] · 857-334-5084

Syracuse, N.Y.
[email protected] · 315-491-6987

Join us on July 9 to say Stop Bombing Libya, End the Occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq!

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