Help support a feature-length film on environmental racism

climatemarch92314.jpgLiberation Films, a branch of Liberation News, is producing its first feature-length documentary about environmental racism in southern California. Many of the poorest communities in the region suffer from continued exposure to volatile chemicals and pollutants in the air they breath, the water they drink and the ground they walk on. Oil refineries lie mere feet away from the backyards of family homes and factories produce toxins that seep into the soil near where children play every day.

There has yet to be a film of magnitude made on this subject, and we strive to make this of the most professionally produced caliber. In order to do so, we need donations to our Indiegogo campaign.

Specifically, your donation will help us with audio gear that we are currently renting, but your donation will also help contribute to spreading the truth about the suffering that these communities have endured and hopefully help to change the conditions in which they live.

Your contribution will allow Liberation Films to shoot more regularly and collect the necessary interviews and other footage needed in order to make this a well-rounded documentary. We are currently held back by the amount of funds we can spend on equipment rentals and gas, but with your help we can.

We have a history of producing successful documentaries, most notably 2013’s No Justice No Peace about police brutality in California and beyond.

We plan to make this feature our most professional and successful piece yet, but we can’t do it without your help.

Even a dollar can go a long way, but if your pockets are empty there are other ways to contribute:

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about this project.
  • Share this page! Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Tell us your story! Contact us if you or someone you know lives in a community where industry has negatively impacted their lives and/or health: [email protected]

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