Hundreds gather to honor Delrawn Small, murdered by the NYPD

Delrawn Small

On the humid night of July 12, hundreds gathered in Flatbush, Brooklyn to remember a loving father, partner, friend and man, Delrawn Small.

For over two hours, the Harmony funeral home overflowed with tears, popular anger and love for Delrawn Small. There was not an apolitical voice or tear among the over 400 people who came out. Small’s children, family, his comrades from the street organization, the Glorious People, the families of other police victims and concerned organizers in the police brutality movement packed the hall to the brim. An enormous love for this man and a bitter hatred of injustice wailed through the night.

There were so many people in attendance to honor Small that there were not enough seats; people lined the walls and filled the hallways. The eulogies drew from the Black Freedom movement and Black Liberation Theology. Family members and clergymen all demanded an end to police brutality. The mothers of Eric Garner, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham—along with at least 12 other families who lost their children to the racist, lying police— came to support the Small and Dempsey family. The solidarity between afflicted families was important because no one else could ever relate to what the Small family is going through.

The facts

The media completed a double assassination of Small by inventing a false narrative about the events that occurred on July 4.

So what are the facts?

Officer Wayne Isaacs gunned down the unarmed Delrawn Small in cold blood.

Recent video footage came to light that contradicted Isacc’s statements that Small “punched him several times” before shooting. The video footage revealed that the off-duty officer shot Small twice within one second of his arriving at the driver’s side window. Isaacs then calmly exited his car, and walked over to Small’s body to examine it. He then put his gun away and returned to his vehicle.

Delrawn Small only stepped out of his car to protect his family after the off-duty officer had cut him off in traffic. Both his 4-month-old baby and partner were in the car with him and witnessed his execution.

Officer Isaacs lied. Delrawn Small died.

Media vilification

If this man, Delrawn Small was so loved and admired, why did the media go to such lengths to smear his name?

The corporate media, prosecutors and judges protect police officers as part of their system. They understand that it is essential for the cops to retain their right to freely use force on the population. Any legal precedent that checks this “right,” such as the incarceration of an officer for excessive force or murder, would also diminish their effectiveness in intimidating the population.

We are not supposed to question the right of the police to harass, humiliate, patrol, invade, occupy and murder us.

According to the media, schools and the other propaganda outlets, “The police are the good guys and they protect us.” Anyone from East Flatbush to East New York to East Los Angeles can tell you that this is a complete lie.

This is why the Daily News and other low-life, racist media outlets lied about Small.

A man so clearly loved by those his life touched was presented as another faceless criminal deserving of his murder. They do this to Black people and people of color every day in America.

The media employed a similar smear campaign against Patrick Dorismond, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling and so many other victims. They invert who the victim and who the executioner are.

Everyone who believes in justice knows Wayne Isaac’s and every killer cop must go to jail. But under this system, this basic struggle involves a long and hard-fought struggle in the capitalists’ courts. This is the struggle we are gearing up for.

Rest in Power fallen soldier!

Delrawn Small was a man, like any man, who faced his struggles. But unlike many, he bravely confronted his personal demons and sought to improve himself every day.

Every one remembered how Small was a light-hearted spirit who from a young age was fiercely protective of those he loved. His mother passed when he was young, forcing him to step up to care for his brother and sister who at the time were just children. Struggling through loss and heartache, like any other person put into that situation, his life was filled with strife and more importantly growth.

Despite the indescribable sadness that filled the funeral home, family members and friends remembered Delrawn Small, or “Fu” as he was affectionately known, as a loving and dedicated friend and father. While there was great sorrow, there were also moments when the crowd broke out into uncontrollable laughter. Their uproarious tributes to a man who strove for the unity and happiness of all had the last word.

Small’s family is pressing forward for justice, alongside the countless other families who have lost loved ones, and alongside the masses who are standing in the thousands to demand an end to the murder of Black and Brown people gunned down by a racist system.

Delrawn Small could have been anyone of our fathers, sons, brothers, friends, or even us. When we fight for him, we fight for ourselves and for all those who have been taken away by the racist police state.

No peace until there is Justice for Delrawn Small!

Reposted from Liberation News

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