Introducing the first ever People's Summit for Democracy—this summer in LA!

The ANSWER coalition is proud to be a convening organization of the People's Summit for Democracy 2022 in Los Angeles!

In June, the Biden Administration is hosting the 9th Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California. The Summit of the Americas, convened by the Organization of American States (OAS), has long been an arena to push U.S. economic and political interests in Latin America and the Caribbean, without regard for the peoples of our shared continent. The Biden administration has stated that this ninth summit looks to “further advance this administration’s agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Biden administration explicitly disinvited the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua from the Summit of the Americas. In protest of the exclusion of these governments, nearly two dozen invited countries across Latin America and the Caribbean have announced that they will not send their head of state or will not participate altogether. Recently Mexico joined this list, and the list of boycotting countries continues to grow. Currently only five countries have committed to attending, including the United States.

In the tradition of each Summit of the Americas since the 2005 Mar Del Plata Summit, we unionists, activists, grassroots organizations, and progressive people of the Americas are calling for a People’s Summit on June 8th, 9th, and 10th to counter the Summit of the Americas.

The People’s Summit will host three days of art, music, speakers, debates, workshops, panel discussions, performances—all which uplift the voices of the people and imagine a new world; one that puts people’s democracy first.

At this time, you can support this historic effort to convene the first ever People's Summit for Democracy in 2022 by making a donation today here.

Register to join us in Los Angeles for the People's Summit here!


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