Jeremy Marks Defense Committee Newsletter: 'We're breaking the media silence'

The Jeremy Marks Defense Committee has been hard at work reaching out to news outlets, prominent leaders in the social justice movement, and local politiciansurging them all to speak out on the case.

 Jeremy Marks

Here's what Jeff F., a supporter from Meridian, Indiana, said about Jeremy's case:

"I think the prosecution of Jeremy Marks is totally outrageous and a miscarriage of justice. He has done nothing wrong and indeed done a service to society by documenting the behavior of so-called public servants."

This is just one example of the hundreds of emails of support we have received.

We have already received positive responses from several national news outlets and major grassroots organizations. The well-known political hip-hop artist, Immortal Technique, also has spoken out for Jeremy, promting hundreds of people throughout the world to sign the "Drop the charges" petition.

We are breaking through the media silence.

We have also been active at community events. This week, Jeremy Marks Defense Committee activists spoke about Jeremy's unjust prosecution at a Los Angeles Unified School District board meeting.

And we are currently developing a speaking tour with Rochelle Pittman, Jeremy’s mother, to raise awareness about the case and gain broad-based support.

You can make the difference

All of you have shown your support for Jeremy. But the struggle is just beginning. 

How you can get involved

• Forward the petition to drop the charges against Jeremy to everyone you know.
• Invite Rochelle Pittman, Jeremy’s mother, to speak at your event/home.
• Volunteer to work with Jeremy’s Defense Committee.

We are dedicated to working alongside Jeremy and his family until all of the charges are dropped. With your continued participation and support, true justice will prevail!

The Jeremy Marks Defense Committee is a campaign of the ANSWER Coalition in partnership with other social justice organizations.

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