Justice for Jewu!

Justice for Jewu!

Falsely charged with assault after being shot and almost killed by the New Haven Police Department

Jewu Richardson

Justice For Jewu is a growing movement, sponsored by People Against Police Brutality.

Jewu Richardson is a father, a student, an activist and an outspoken critic of police misconduct and brutality in New Haven. Now, the New Haven Police Department along with the courts and prosecutors want to silence him.

A Decade of Police Brutality and Harassment

Jewu Richardson is fighting for his freedom after suffering police brutality and harassment for the last decade. He spent over a year in jail on false charges after being beaten unconscious. He refused to become an informant and drugs were planted on him by the notorious William "Billy" White and his Narcotics Task Force of the New Haven Police Department. A day before Jewu was scheduled to go to trial in 2007, White and members of his task force were indicted and later convicted by the federal government on a number of charges including planting false evidence, falsifying police reports, stealing money and more.

"If the NHPD had their way, Jewu would be another unarmed Black man killed at the hands of law enforcement."

On Jan. 16, 2010, Jewu was pulled over for a "routine" traffic stop—one of many in the NHPD's schedule of regular harassment. Jewu feared for his life as the officer approached his car with his gun drawn, and fled. When Jewu pulled into a gas station that was visible and well-lit, Jewu raised his hands in submission. The officer then jumped on the hood of his car and shot him in the chest, inches from his heart. Jewu's two passengers were beaten by the NHPD but not charged with any crime. Jewu was thrown into a cell for four days without medical treatment.

Justice for Jewu! Help Build the Movement Against Police Brutality

Jewu is scheduled to go to trial in early May on charges of assaulting the officer that shot him, and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The fabricated charges, validated by a false conviction, give the police and "justice" system cover for nearly killing Jewu. The state has destroyed key evidence in the case—Jewu's car and the alleged assault weapon from which forensic evidence could have been picked up to prove his innocence.

Funds must be raised immediately to pay his legal fees to ensure he gets adequate defense in court.

Organizers are also needed to help coordinate mass street outreach campaigns and rallies that will take place as Jewu goes to trial.

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